Mobile Ground Support Equipment

TLD is an International leader in the manufacturing and supply of Mobile Ground Support Equipment. Each piece is consistently reviewed by TLD’s engineering teams in order to assure its evolution, meeting and adapting to customers specific requirements. Performance as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs continuously drive their engineering efforts.

We have a long standing partnership with TLD of over 20 years and we provide a complete fleet of TLD GSE to the Oceania region, including; baggage tractors, air conditioners, belt loaders, GPUs, loaders, military loader and equipment and towbarless and conventional aircraft tractors to list a few. 

TLD has been a leader in the development of Electric GSE, with now more 40 product models available in electric. With a focus towards providing the most sustainable and environmentally friendly airport ground support solutions, TLD launched their green GSE campaign over 15 years ago and is continually looking at new emerging technology to integrate.

Air Conditioning Units
TLD have an extensive product range of Direct Drive, Diesel-Electric and Combo Air Conditioning Units capable of handling any commercial passenger aircraft in the harshest conditions. Read more
Air Start Units
With extensive manufacturing experience dating back over 80 years, TLD’s Air Start Unit range is extremely efficient, quiet and reliable. Read more
Baggage Tractors
TLD has a highly advanced range of Diesel and Electric baggage and cargo tractors capable of towing up to 60t. TLD baggage tractors include an extensive range of safety features... Read more
Belt Loaders
As a world leader in the supply of Belt Loaders to the Aviation market, TLD have an extensive range of product options to suit your application. Read more
Cargo Loaders
TLD has a range of single deck and split deck pallet/cargo loaders capable from 3.5t up to 30t available in diesel and electric versions. TLD Loaders are designed with an... Read more
Conventional Aircraft Tractors
TLD have over 60 years experience in designing and manufacturing pushback tractors. Their conventional pushback tractors provide exceptionally high-performance whilst maintaining reliability and ease of operations. TLD tractors also contain... Read more
Ground Power Units
The TLD range of Ground Power Units can meet the needs of regional, narrow-body and wide-body aircraft power requirements. Read more
Lavatory and Water Trucks
TLD’s range of driveable lavatory and water service vehicles features the unique front-mounted operator station for an easy and safe approach to the aircraft. Read more
The TLD Military product range of ACU's, LCU's and Combo units are the preferred equipment for a large number of defence forces around the world. Read more
Military Loaders
The robust and reliable PFA military aircraft cargo loader and transporter range are the preferred equipment for a large number of defence forces around the world. Read more
Passenger Stairs
TLD has a range of driveable, self-propelled and towable passenger stairs which are extendable to reach a variety of aircraft doors. The TLD passenger stairs feature an impressive range of... Read more
Towbarless Aircraft Tractors
TLD has been a pioneer in the development of Towbarless Aircraft Tractors for pushback and towing operations. With over 60 years manufacturing experience, TLD towbarless tractors have an impressive range... Read more
Trailers and Dollies
TLD have a range of dollies and baggage carts capable of handling ULDs/containers and cargo pallets in the full variety of commercially available sizes. Read more
TLD manufacturers a range of Transporters and Transporter Loaders with front, and side loading capability. Read more