Mobile Ground Support Equipment

TLD is an International leader in the manufacturing and supply of Mobile Ground Support Equipment. Each piece is consistently reviewed by TLD’s engineering teams in order to assure its evolution, meeting and adapting to customers specific requirements. Performance as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs continuously drive their engineering efforts.

We have a long standing partnership with TLD of over 20 years and we provide a complete fleet of TLD GSE to the Oceania region, including; baggage tractors, air conditioners, belt loaders, GPUs, loaders, military loader and equipment and towbarless and conventional aircraft tractors to list a few. 

TLD has been a leader in the development of Electric GSE, with now more 40 product models available in electric. With a focus towards providing the most sustainable and environmentally friendly airport ground support solutions, TLD launched their green GSE campaign over 15 years ago and is continually looking at new emerging technology to integrate.