Used Equipment

Looking for equipment in a hurry? Here are some quality machines available for sale.

The Zephir CRAB range of light electric shunt vehicles are a versatile option for shunting rail rollingstock in workshop and depot settings. 

Able to swiftly transition on and off track, the CRAB’s small dimensions and tight turning radius make them able to traverse narrow aisles easily, while eliminating emissions and reducing noise.

  • Weight 7T
  • Max track speed 7km/h
  • Fitted each end with 1x Shaku Type 10 coupler and AAR freight coupler. Height adjustable.
  • Ground operator remote for E-stop and horn.
  • Train air brake control system with 280 L/m compressore, seservoiurs, brake valve BP and MR hoses
  • Rail mode remote control with full brake and drive controls, in addition to manual operation

CRAB 3100E
STD Gauge Electric Shunter

ZEPHIR CRAB 3100E Electric Shunter.
36kN Max Drawbar Pull.
Rated to move up to 700T.
Complete with 80V 1000Ah Battery and on-board charger.
24 Machine Hours Only
  • Fully Electric, Zero Emissions
  • Complete with cabin for indoor and outdoor use
  • High shunting performance with compact and highly manoeuvrable design
Brand NEW