Gen-Set Locomotives 

Created specifically for port, mining, industrial in-plant, and commercial yard shunting applications, the Railserve LEAF Gen-Set locomotive maximizes tractive effort while minimizing fuel costs and emissions. The Railserve LEAF can dramatically improve the efficiency of your operation.

Gen-Set Locomotives

Single and Dual LEAF Gen-Set Locomotives 

The original Railserve LEAF is powered by a single Cummins QSX15-Tier 4 Compliant 600 hp GenSet engine. The proven track record of the Railserve LEAF in numerous switching operations makes this competitively priced locomotive an exceptional value for any rail yard.

The Dual LEAF has all of the proven features of the original LEAF, but with more pulling power. With two Cummins QSX15-T4 600 hp GenSets, it can achieve higher speeds and provides built-in backup power. The Dual LEAF is ideal for a combination of yard switching and longer haul rail movements. 


  • Eliminates wet-stacking and uses 90% less oil 
  • Onboard computer provides real-time engine performance reporting 
  • Programmable maximum speed control 
  • Traction control system minimizes wheel slip 
  • 10% lower decibel output than conventional locomotives 
  • Programmable to shut down if not moved after a pre-set time limit 
  • One-button push-start eliminates up to 30 minutes of startup preparation 
  • Same cab controls as conventional locomotives 

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Lower fuel consumption by 45-72% over conventional locomotive

Reduce NOx emissions and particulate matter by up to 84%

Local factory-trained support available


Dimensions (LxWxH) : 17.70m x 3.68m x 4.72m
Fully Serviced Weight : 123 t
Maximum Governed Speed : 16 km/h
Programmable Speed up to : 50 km/h
Single Gen-set
Dual Gen-set
Locomotive power (gross) : 600 HP
Locomotive power (gross) : 1200 HP

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