Bogie Shop Equipment

We have a comprehensive range of equipment solutions from leading international suppliers to best support your bogie shop requirements, improve efficiency and provide a safe operation.

Ergonomic Positioners

Emanuel offer a range of ergonomic positioners that allow lifting and rotation of any kind of frame.  

The Emanuel positioners offer many advantages: 

  • Improved production quality by working at the ideal height and position preferred. 
  • Increased productivity due to lifting and turning products without overhead cranes or ordinary cranes.  
  • Improved worker health and safety as the need is reduced for dangerous movements of products with overhead cranes or ordinary cranes and the workers maintain an optimum posture. 

Can be used for a variety of applications including; Overhauling and servicing train bogies, construction of frames for lorries, military vehicles, agricultural and railway machines, components for earth moving machines, and much more. 

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Movements can be programmed and stored using a PLC

Easy to use

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