Increased GSE parts support in the region

Freightquip has partnered with Sage Parts to provide GSE spare parts direct to the Australian market.

Sage Parts is the world leader in replacement parts for Aviation Ground Support Equipment. With a long history of providing spare parts support for GSE – Sage has a wealth of experience and sales history across a wide range of equipment models.  

With Sage’s international experience and Freightquip’s local expertise – we have teamed up to import a local stock of spare parts to best support the region.   

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Being a sole distributor for Sage parts in Australia allows Freightquip to procure spare parts in bulk, and a maintain a local stock that enables our customers to receive the benefits of shorter lead-time and lower spare parts prices. 

Parts will be stored at Freightquip’s central warehouse located within 3km of Melbourne Airport. The stock of Sage parts is available to be viewed online through our online store. All stock levels are updated in real-time and link directly to our inventory management system. Please contact us to request access.