Freightquip partners with Newtek to provide high-quality rail sanding systems

Freightquip partners with Newtek to provide high-quality rail sanding systems

17 October 2023: Freightquip is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its partnership with Newtek in the sanding equipment field, demonstrating an enduring commitment to the Australian rail industry. The partnership was established in October 2022 after Freightquip noticed rising customer demand for reliable rail sanding solutions. In response, Freightquip looked globally for a suitable partner and found Newtek, with both companies finding common ground in their shared values, commitment to innovation, and goals for the rail industry.

As the industry evolves, partnerships like these let Freightquip continue to offer comprehensive, efficient, and sustainable solutions to its customers. Included in this partnership are a range of products and services, from storage silos and mobile sanding carts to pneumatic conveyors and custom sanding solutions. Both companies support product design, installation, and maintenance, ensuring that customers receive a seamless experience from start to finish.

For Freightquip, the decision to partner was clear-cut. Newtek has a strong reputation in the sanding equipment field, and the company’s focus on innovation and its global experience made it the ideal solution for the Australian market.

Tyler Flavel, Business Development Manager, Freightquip, said, “Newtek’s sanding solutions are known for their efficiency and precision. Our Australian customers can expect improved sanding processes that lead to better traction and reduced wear and tear on rail infrastructure. This, in turn, results in cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency. The integration of Newtek’s rail sanding equipment with our solutions ensures greater reliability in rail operations. Reduced downtime and improved performance also mean fewer disruptions and delays for Australian rail operators and passengers.”

From Newtek’s perspective, the Australian market has always been considered a key area for growth, and Freightquip’s strong reputation in the rail sector made it an ideal partner. The existing relationships that Freightquip has with its customers, along with its knowledgeable team, played a big role in Newtek’s decision.

Aitor Igoa, Technical Director, Newtek, said, “Our decision to partner with Freightquip was driven by our shared values and a mutual respect for each other’s expertise. Together, we see a future where the Australian rail industry benefits from a seamless integration of top-tier Newtek sanding solutions and innovative rail equipment offerings.

“Freightquip’s strong presence and experienced internal rail team in Australia provide customers with local support and expertise. This ensures that customers receive top-quality equipment, as well as comprehensive service and assistance tailored to their specific needs. Australia represents a key growth market for Newtek, and we’re excited to continue expanding our sanding solutions to Australian customers, enhancing rail operations and contributing to the industry’s sustainability goals.”

Several key factors highlight the strength of this partnership. Both Freightquip and Newtek bring products to the table that naturally complement each other. This means customers can now access a broader, more comprehensive range of rail sanding solutions. Both companies also prioritise quality, efficiency, and innovation, ensuring that customers get the best products and services. Additionally, this partnership offers both Freightquip and Newtek the chance to explore new markets and work on joint research projects.

For Freightquip, the partnership also benefits customers—they can now get a wider variety of rail equipment from one provider—improving service response and streamlining procurement. With Newtek’s focus on sustainability and innovation, Freightquip can also offer products that are both cutting-edge and environmentally friendly. In particular, Newtek’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing focus on environmental responsibility in the rail industry, ensuring Australian customers can benefit from eco-friendly Newtek sanding solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of rail operations.

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