The Liftec Cassette system provides an effective and economical solution for RoRo, Steel Mill and Heavy Industry operations, significantly increasing efficiency, capacity and flexibility.

Translifter Cassette

Container, Project Cargo and Materials Handling Cassettes 

Novatech and Liftec manufacture a large range from standard to custom-designed cassettes for container applications, project cargo and materials handling.

The combined use of a Hydraulic Lift Trailer and Cassette results in a highly efficient and reliable transport system that allows the Translifter and Terminal Tractor to be continuously in operation, whilst cassettes can be left stationary at the point of loading, unloading, storage or on the vessel for the sea voyage.

Cassettes can be custom-designed to carry a large range of machinery, cargo types and smelter receptacles and can be built in heat-resistant specification:

• Steel; Coils, Billets, Slabs, Ingots, Sheets and Plates, Scrap Metal, Mill rolls, etc.
• Grain: Tipping cassettes
• Bulk cargo handling

The use of cassette loading systems can be performed in a range of applications including; short sea / RoRo shipping, Container Port, Bulk Cargo Handling, Grain transport and Steel industry.

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