Scrap Box (Recycle Box)

The next generation of scrap metal or recycling rail and shipping container.

Scrap Box / Recycle Box

The next generation of scrap metal or recycling rail and shipping container

The now second generation bulk road, rail and shipping container, 

The ‘Scrap Box’, has been purposely developed to withstand the demands of the harsh scrap metal industry as well as the specific requirements of Australian rail and shipping across Bass Strait. 

Say goodbye to the need for people to be in the vicinity of tipping containers and dangerous discharging cargo. 

Increase your safety, productivity and sustainability with one solution! 

20-foot, 2-pallet wide design and compliant with Australian Load Restraint Guidelines for secure road, rail or sea transport of scrap metal / recycling / building materials. 

Can also be provided in 40-foot arrangement. 

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No need for a driver or operator to open rear doors and be exposed to the dangers of pressurised container doors and a discharging load.

No more tipping required - eliminate the requirement for tipping skeletal trailers and risk of incidents on uneven surfaces.

2-pallet wide design to allow for backloading of general unitised cargo on Australian size pallets.


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