Rigid Truck Lift-Off Bodies

20 or 24-pallet curtainsider, dry freight or refrigerated lift-off truck body.

Rigid Truck Lift-Off Bodies

20 or 24-pallet curtainsider, dry freight or refrigerated lift-off truck body.

Our unique 24-pallet curtainsider truck lift-off body, in combination with a 24-pallet reefer container allows one rigid truck to carry various container types, whilst also able to carry and rear-load a standard 20foot GP container.

Truck can be built with a skeletal frame, or as a flat tray with optional dual-height tuckaway tailgate lifter. 

This flexible solution is ideal for seasonal, or low cargo volumes when different configurations of truck body are required and allows one truck to be used for multiple cargo types.

20 or 24foot containers with steel or wood floors, various cargo lashing options. 

Can be provided in various heights, 8’6” (2,591mm) or 9’6” (2,896mm).

Can be built as dry freight, curtainsider, flat rack, and insulated/refrigerated. 

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One truck can carry different container types to suit various transport modes for different applications.

Total flexibility; transform your truck in 10 minutes from one mode to another.

Reduced capital investment.


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