Dry Freight

Ideal road, rail and shipping container for secure and weather-proof cargo protection

Dry Freight

Ideal road, rail and shipping container for secure and weather-proof cargo protection

The most commonly used container in Australia for efficient transportation of palletised and general cargo. Various door options are available to suit your specific requirements. 

20, 40, or 48-foot containers with steel or wood floors, various cargo lashing points. Can be supplied in 2-pallet wide or ISO dimensions and suitable for Mobicon lifting. 

Can be provided in various heights, 8’6” (2,591mm), 9’6” (2,896mm) or 10’6” (3,000mm).

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Optional recessed vertical aluminium double load bar tracks to allow for double stacking of pallets without the risk of cargo damage, and allows the flexibility to adjust the height of the DL bars to suit your cargo profile.

Can be provided with steel forklift entry plates for added floor protection.

Can be tailored to your specific cargo requirements with custom, integrated cargo lashing features.


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