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Specialised wheel shop tools. Automatic end cap mounting machines save time and improve wheel shop safety.

End Cap Mounting

Danobat Wheel Shop Equipment

The DANOBAT PLC controlled end cap mounting machine has been specifically designed and manufactured for mounting bearing end caps to wheelsets.

The end cap sets to be mounted onto the wheelset, consisting end cap, locking tab and bolts, are placed and positioned in the machine. When the wheelset is loaded in the machine the automatic assembly process is then carried out.


  • Fully automatic solution: the DANOBAT End Caps Mounting Machine does not require any intervention of the operator, which improves productivity and reduces manpower and risks in the facility
  • Minimisation of risks and hits: the automation of the cycle avoids the operator to handle heavy components as bolts, end caps, and so on
  • Automation and flexibility are maximized enabling the mounting of the different AAR end caps, bolt heads and pitch diameters
  • Maximum safety: the work area is completely fenced off


  • Measuring System
  • Equipment ready for different AAR end caps, bolt heads and pitch diameters

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Completely automatic

Safety first



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