The DANOBAT DLR-DHD Underfloor Wheel Lathe allows for the easy corrective maintenance of railway rolling surfaces and train brake discs.

Underfloor Wheel Lathe

Each DANOBAT Underfloor Wheel Lathe allows this essential maintenance to be done without the need to dismount the train axle. Single or tandem machines are available with user-friendly, intuitive software. The equipment can be adapted to suit the required gauge width. The DANOBAT Underfloor Wheel Lathe features a continuous measurement of the wheel profile and a fully automatic machining processes for perfect results. 

DANOBAT offers a complete solution including the underfloor wheel lathe, wheelset optimisation software and wheel profile measuring equipment.

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Fully automatic machining processes

Optimised wheelset life

Local factory-trained support available


Gauge lathes : Available as Single or Dual

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