UV Technology and Sanycar

UV Technology have partnered with Sanycar to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

UV Technology are leading providers and manufacturers of UV-C disinfection / decontamination solutions and equipment for air, surfaces and liquids. Specialising in all aspects of UV-C disinfection, we can provide a complete package of solutions to businesses, large and small. UV-C disinfection systems are used successfully around the world and are accepted as one of the most effective forms of disinfection available. 

Air travel plays a significant role in the spread of infectious diseases. The continuous growth of global travel facilitates the quick and sometimes uncontrollable spread of naturally, or intentionally released, person-to-person transmissible pathogens around the world. Airports contribute to the potential spread of disease owing to the high number of passengers from across the world coming together in enclosed spaces, with high contact rates and several hand touch surfaces.

Sanycar guarantees everyone a high level of protection thanks to the germicidal power of UV-C rays, which modify the DNA or RNA of microorganisms and thus prevent them from reproducing or becoming harmful.