Liftec is committed to provide the most cost-efficient transportation systems for ports, terminals and a wide range of industries.

NT Liftec Oy designs and supplies the most cost-efficient transportation systems for ports, container terminals, and heavy industry. Our portfolio includes systems for containers and cargo cassette handling along with extensive service and after sales capabilities. 

Liftec is market leader and widely known as an innovative and reliable supplier of high quality logistics products and solutions. The core of productivity of the Liftec products lies in the Liftec Cassette system, which offers improved safety, cost-effectiveness and high transport efficiency. This means improved production flexibility and optimization through the entire value chain. All Liftec translifters are manufactured at our own factory in Poland. 

An extensive network of representatives and agents brings us close to our customers worldwide. NT Liftec Oy was established in 1991 and is located in Pirkkala, Finland. NT Liftec is part of Novatech, a Danish sales and engineering company, which specializes in the fields of equipment for shipping industry, special transport equipment, roll trailers and agriculture trailers.