LEAF Locomotive

Railserve LEAF Gen-Set locomotive maximizes tractive effort while minimizing fuel costs and emissions.

LEAF locomotives maximise tractive effort while minimising emissions and fuel costs with their modern, efficient designs. These locomotives offer an 84-92% reduction in NOx emissions and reduced particulate matter. They also use a Cummins engine that meets EPA Tier III emissions standards with Tier IV available.  

LEAF locomotives offer benefits such as zero stack embers – eliminating ground fire concerns, up to 10% lower decibel output than other locomotives and 98.5% uptime with many of their range.  

All LEAF locomotives are simple to operate with one button push start, conventional cab controls for a single genset (duel genset available) and readily available parts. They also have a programmable automatic shutdown after a pre-set time limit. 

Extremely efficient, LEAF locomotives use 45-65% less fuel than conventional locomotives, have no wet-stacking and use 90% less oil. They meet all FRA requirements, have an onboard computer to deliver real-time performance reporting and a traction control system to minimise wheel slipping.