Terminal Trailers

Terminal trailers are designed for transporting ISO containers in ports.
The trailer has gravity container stops installed to prevent containers from moving during the transportation.

50 One Axle


  • Opened corners
  • Automatic stops for 20’, 30’, 40 containers
  • Round edge rigit guides for smooth and damagefree containers loading. Collapsible rear support
  • Bolted on side container guides
  • Rigid front landing support
  • Foldable rear support
Capacity 50 t
Height 1480 mm (Front)
1250 mm (Over wheel set)
1200 mm (Coupling height)
Width 2850 mm
Length 14100 mm

65 Two Axle – Rocker Arm Suspension


  • Open corners
  • Automatic stops for 20′ and 40′ containers
  • Round edge rigit guides for smooth and damage free container loading
  • Adjustable front landing support operated by handle
  • 2 heavy duty axles with rocker arm suspension
  • Track about 2100 mm
  • King Pin: 2″
  • On two or four wheels connected with tug masters pneumatic brake system. Parking brakes provided – brake system optional.
  • Container loading: 1×20’/ 2×20′ ISO containers each 30 t or 1×40′ ISO container of 33 t or 1×45′ container of 33 t
Capacity up to 70 t
Height 1550 mm (Front)
1500 mm (Over wheel set)
1240 mm (King Pin)
Width 2754 mm
Length 14250 mm

65 Two Axle – Spring Suspension


  • Opened corners
  • Material for main beams are I500 in St. 52-3 or better
  • Longitudinal beams to be placed as close to container support beam as possible
  • Automatic stops for 20’, 40 containers
  • Round edge rigit guides for smooth and damage free containers loading
  • Front landing support with foldable lower part
Capacity 65 t
Height abt. 1550 mm (Front)
abt. 1550 mm (Over wheel set)
1240 mm (Coupling height)
Width 2800 mm
Length abt. 14150 mm


The Novatech terminal trailer is manufactured standard for transporting between 50 – 70 ton loads however these capacities can be adapted according to the actual requirements of the customer. Novatech manufactures one ore two axle trailers depending on the customers needs and required capacity.