Freightquip Partner with Greenfleet

Freightquip Partner with Greenfleet

Freightquip is pleased to announce our partnership with leading environmental not-for-profit Greenfleet, furthering our commitment to our long-term sustainability goals.

Greenfleet, based locally in Victoria, are fighting the impacts of climate change by planting native biodiverse forests throughout Australia and New Zealand.

New sapling planted by Greenfleet at the Glories Goolies in Gippsland, Victoria. Photograph supplied by Greenleet (2016).

“At Greenfleet, we are restoring native forests and growing climate hope thanks to the contributions of our amazing supporters, just like Freightquip,”  said Wayne Wescott, CEO of Greenfleet.

With a fifty-two-tonne carbon offset, Freightquip have ensured carbon neutrality for the emissions caused through our travel.

This is one of many initiatives Freightquip is pursuing to meet our sustainability commitment.

Here’s some information on how it works:


Carbon is mostly found in our atmosphere as the gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is classified as a greenhouse gas because it absorbs infrared radiation.

As the earth is warmed through radiation produced by the sun, heat is then released by the earth through infrared radiation. Greenhouse gasses, by absorbing the infrared radiation produced from the earth, prevent the heat from escaping the earth’s atmosphere.

The removal of greenhouse gasses thereby allow for more of the earth’s infrared radiation to be emitted into space, which cools the planet.


Carbon is a fundamental building block for all forms of life.

Trees, in particular, contain massive amounts of carbon – around 50% of their total mass. Trees collect this carbon during photosynthesis, where carbon dioxide is converted to carbon and oxygen.

This effectively removes the carbon (dioxide) from the atmosphere and ‘traps’ it within the structure of the tree. This is known as carbon sequestration.

“Year after year, individuals and organisations help Greenfleet plant more biodiverse native forests to capture carbon emissions and it’s their continuous support which makes a tangible and positive difference to the environment,” added Mr Wescott.

Growing native forests is also important in maintaining our ecosystems by re-establishing habitats for our native wildlife which has been lost due to bushfires and land clearing.

“We are proud of the impact we’re making. By offsetting our emissions with Greenfleet, we are taking practical action against climate change and helping to restore Australia’s forests, recreate crucial habitat for native wildlife and transform degraded land back to its natural state,” said Andrew Steel, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at Freightquip.

To learn more about Greenfleet click here.