Freightquip achieves ISO9001 certification

Freightquip has finalised their Quality Management System certification, with an ISO9001 certificate being approved by Bureau Veritas.

“As a supplier of Airport, Rail and Seaport equipment for over 20 years to large multi-national companies, we have had an informal quality management system existing for many years”, said Andrew Steel (Quality Manager). “The COVID-19 downturn gave us a great opportunity to align this system with the ISO9001 requirements. Through the realignment of our QMS, we’ve upgraded our internal systems to current best practice which also will future proof the system for business expansion”.

All of Freightquip’s diverse range of suppliers also hold current ISO9001 certification, giving our customers comfort that the full process from manufacturing to local aftersales is being supported by robust quality management systems.

“Through the certification process we’ve learned a lot as an organisation, and we are confident it will benefit ourselves and our customers in the future”.