Depot Protection System

The FirstClass Safety & Control Depot Protection System is an integrated safety control system that is suitable for any rail depot looking for a new system or to upgrade.

This bespoke, easily integratable Depot Protection System uses proven off-the-shelf hardware and software which comes highly recommended within the rail industry. The entire system is built to be flexible, scalable and reliable.

It is also an incredibly cost effective and safe solution with a SIL2 safety rating.

FirstClass Safety & Control are proud to be a RISQS approved and ISO 9001 & 45001 accredited company in the UK.

Typical DPS interfaces

  • Interactive pictorial or RFID based log on/off technology
  • Movement beacon/sounder control
  • OLE status beacons
  • Aspect control for inbound/outbound movements
  • Automatic de-railersfor protecting workforce
  • Treadle switchesfor train detection
  • Diesel exhaust extract monitoring systems
  • WIGWAG signalsfor road traffic control
  • Points interlockingwhere derailers are not possible
  • High level gantry access control and protective bladders
  • Access control/CCTV security systems
  • OLE isolators
  • Automatic bollardswhere personnel protection is required in walking areas
  • Electric shunter interlocking
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • SPAD alarms, turntable, cranes, jacks, wheel lathes and pit lighting interlocks
  • Logon readers can be integrated into a depot access control system or combined


  • PLC control system to a SIL2 safety standard
  • Allen Bradley control/Logix, CompactLogix and Flex I/O remote input/output
  • Reliable, high quality hardware
  • Configurable software for easy integration
  • 3rd party equipment can be easily integrated
  • Expandable systems which can be remotely managed
  • Pictorial screens to help eliminate multi-language confusion