Depot Control System

Offering a cost-effective alternative to the current Locally Operated Points System (LOPS) or depot points control system, the FirstClass Safety & Control Depot Control System has been designed to suit any rail depot* where safety is key for train movements.

The FirstClass Safety & Control Depot Control System uses industry proven aspects, route indicators, points machines, train detection methods and has SIL2 safety rated PLC hardware/software. It is also a bespoke design solution that has been designed for easy integration.

*working with approved rail signalling contractors


  • SCADA with flexible operator design
  • Depot protection interlocking
  • Points interlocking
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Route indicators
  • NR interlocking
  • RFID¬†authorisationfor points operation or any other safety critical operations
  • 3P signaling interface

Cost effective alternative to mainline signaling systems

SIL2 safety rated

Combined DPS/DCS capability to eliminate system interface failure points