Freightquip partner with Danobat to deliver Rail Wheel solutions

danobat portal lathe

Freightquip and Danobat has signed an agency partnership to deliver innovative, robust and sophisticated rail wheel shop solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market. Danobat is international market leader in maintenance and manufacturing solutions for wheel shops and depot overhaul facilities. Danobat is able to provide a range a customised solutions, from wheel and axle manufacturing equipmeng, machining tools, and even fully-automated custom turnkey solutions.

Danobat has technical expertise gained from a working in industries with very high precision requirement, namely;  Railway, Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Energy & Capital Goods.

As the Australian and New Zealand agent for Danobat in the rail sector, Freightquip is able to provide Underfloor Wheel Lathes, Vertical Wheel Lathes, Portal Lathes, Axle Turning Lathes and a variety of other highly specialised equipment to the mark

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