Another Trackmobile shunter delivered to the Pilbara

Freightquip has supplied and commissioned a new Trackmobile Hercules shunter to the Pilbara region. This reinforces the current strong reputation that the Trackmobile rail locomotives carry in this region, with now over a dozen machines operating in this sector for over 30 years.

The Trackmobile Hercules has been a workhorse in the Pilbara, with the equipment being highly sought-after by numerous operators due to the extremely reliable service record and superior performance.

As the client’s operations continue to expand in the region the Trackmobile Hercules’ reliability, market leading innovations and positive reviews make it a clear winner within this sector.

Old Trackmobile TM4150 shunter and the new Trackmobile Hercules Shunter

The new shunter, a Trackmobile Hercules, is built on the same quality principles and consistent innovations that resulted in the success of the Trackmobile range, with several market leading innovations such as:

  • SAFE-T-VUE™: Providing an unparalleled 360° virtual view surrounding the machine and a close-up of the coupling and uncoupling significantly enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Ergonomic seat: Air suspended with 180-degree swivel equipped with dual armrest controls
  • Max-Tran: Automatic weight transfer system
  • Telematics: For remote monitoring and diagnostics provided by Data inTrans
  • Air conditioning: Enhanced design to meet the Pilbara conditions
  • Ultra-view 7” touch screen display
  • Plus much more..

Freightquip’s central parts hub located in Melbourne can assist with fast and efficient spare parts, complementing our aftersales support team. Both teams are well trained to help get any equipment issue resolved as soon as possible and maximise the OEM support in this region.

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